I'm Tassos (the one on the right). I'm a passionate software developer in San Francisco, eager to unleash the power of code to solving real problems. I have a background in full stack web and iOS development, working on many projects including PARKR and Broaden.io.

Languages - JavaScript/HTML/CSS, Swift, Python, Ruby, PHP

Frontend - React/Redux, React-Native, UI Kit, Bootstrap, Ionic

Backend - Express, Node, Ruby on Rails, Flask, Vapor

Database - PostgreSQL, MongoDB, GraphQL, SQLite, MySQL

My Products

I enjoy building full stack solutions to real problems. Here is a sample of products I've built in the past couple of years.


Broaden.io is a desktop/mobile responsive web platform that connects students with the feedback and resources needed for them to level-up their skills through self/peer assessment.

Javascript (ES6) HTML5 CSS3 React Redux React-Router Bootstrap Node Express RESTful API PostgreSQL Sequelize Travis CI Heroku Git/GitHub/Git Flow


Say goodbye to parking tickets
PARKR is an iOS app that lets you quickly see the next time you must move your car for any timed parking space in the city of San Francisco. You can also get reminders set so that you never forget to move your car before getting a ticket!

Swift Xcode UIKit MapKit Core Location Vapor RESTful API PostgreSQL Fluent PostGIS Heroku Git/GitHub


Mission Consultants is a San Francisco based consortium of freelance full-stack iOS and web software engineers offering professional software consulting services.

Javascript (ES6) HTML5 CSS3 React React-Router Bootstrap Node Express RESTful API MongoDB Mongoose Heroku Git/GitHub


OmniVox.io is a rapid personal polling tool to facilitate group-think and synergy. Create a poll and give your code for others to log in. Participants can add their ideas and vote on the ones they think are the best.

Javascript HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Handlebars.js Node Express RESTful API MongoDB Mongoose Heroku Git/GitHub


Bloctorials is a fun new puzzle game that combines interactive swipe mechanics of popular puzzle games like Threes and 2048 with the addictive strategy and aesthetics of games like DOTS and Candy Crush. Players swipe blocks into the game board up, down, left, and right to try and match columns and rows of the same color. Try for the highest score and see if you can beat your friends!

Swift SpriteKit Xcode Game Center Mixpanel Analytics Git/GitHub


The wthr.life is a sleek modern web-app that uses the OpenWeather.org API and is accessible to all platforms via web. Enter your location and see what the weather and time of day conditions are rendered for your city's avatar.

Javascript HTML5 CSS3 Sketch OpenWeather.org API Git/GitHub


Little Brother is mobile social platform for rating and scoring local governments according to universal rubrics. This platform is designed to work with existing nonpartisan NGOs, nonprofits, and watchdog groups that already provide scoring of government agencies.

Javascript (Typescript) HTML5 CSS3 Ionic 2 Framework Ng-Charts2 Node Git/GitHub

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